Need help Although one or more Error Occurred [execution reverted] Contract Execution Completed

Hi, i need help.
I try to import a token and i get a positive message but its still not there.

Can someone check this. There is an error on ether. Is this the reason and how to proceed on?

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Hi friend.

Is this your address 0x3EcDfD24f6983c5fD9AdA1Ee92090C0915FDe0E2?

SpongeBob tokens have been sent to that address.

Please manually import the smart contract address by following this guide:,see%20the%20’Import’%20button.

Scroll down to “How to add a custom token”

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No, it is 0xC48768F0974BF389a127dBBeFe3c034cf3f70875
How can this happen? Any chance to get this back?

It seems like the funds have been deposited or staked or something like that. If you could share some more details on what you did then I could look into it. What DEX you used etc.

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“If you don’t have $SPONGE, swap ETH or USDT or make a bank card purchase. Buying $SPONGE through our widget will automatically stake your V1 tokens permanently and also give you the equivalent amount of V2 tokens as a starting bonus.”

Seems like you’ve purchased them and then staked them aswell at the same time. So it seems like they are locked and you will get V2 tokens when it is released?

Please note that I found the above on their website and I’m not claiming it to be true. Always DYOR.

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First of all, thank you answering me. Iam a newbie.
A bought them directly via and Etherum. Yes will be staken according to website. Nevertheless i should see the amount of “sponges”. I bought this coin in the past and quantity of sponge is still the same.

No worries fren, that’s why we are here! :smiley:

I think you need to do some research and perhaps reach out to their team on Telegram. It seems like they are migrating from V1 to V2 so the V1 tokens might become worthless (your previously bought tokens are V1 I would assume) after the migration, but I´’m not sure about that which is why I suggest you get in touch with the team. Please beware of scammers on Telegram sending you DMs pretending to be team members or support.

Right, but if tokens get staked then they are usually removed from the wallet from my experience. Again, you can ask the team about this. Their telegram is on the same webpage that you bought the tokens from.

Please be careful so you don’t get scammed and make sure to DYOR. Not financial advice.

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