Nft taken money no nft

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I bought an nft and the transaction was pending for ages, so I read online to reset the account. I did this and the pending transaction has gone but no nft and the funds are still gone! I have checked on etherscan and the transaction says successfull but no nft? Any advice would be greatly appreciated?


Hey @Crae1989, would you be able to send your transaction hash? That would provide more helpful information.

Here is also some more information on our Knowledge Base that may help you:


Thank you the transaction hash is



It looks like this was a bridge transaction of ETH from Ethereum to Polygon network :point_down:

There was no activity involving NFTs in this transaction, and no activity involving NFTs at all with your wallet address.

Ok, thank you ……so what does that mean where are the funds? Thanks

Which funds are you looking for?

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