Overwrote Seed Phrase At Start- Transfer Out Balances?

So, when I was starting all of this, I created a new account and was confused on MANY fronts about how it all worked.

What is clear now to me was that I overwrote my seed phrase from “Account 2” with that of “Account 1”. So, if I go into my devices that have Account 2 still on them (where all my money is) I can see all the money, but I have no unique seed phrase there- it’s still from account 1.

If I restore from seed phrase, it restores the Account 1 account that has nothing in it.

So, I need to know how best to deal with this?

I can think of two things:

  1. Recover the original seed phrase
  2. Move all my coins from Account 2 into another account

I don’t know how to do either.

I am also curious about the relationship between my ENS address and MetaMask. Frankly, I’d prefer if my ENS address was the same as my main account on Metamask but given my situation, I’m confused.

Account 2 is always secondary. Move you tokens or link your account do that account 1 and they both become primary.

I’m asking specifically HOW to move my tokens between these accounts.

Create the token wallets in account 1 and send them from account 2 to account 1.