2 Accounts with the same recovery seed Phrase

Hello, i have a big problem.
I wanted to open an account on my Phone, i klicked new Account and wrote the same recovery seed phrase that i have on the Chrome Browser.
I uninstalled Metamask from the Chrome Browser and was willing to install it again because there where some problems before. I thougt i maybe can fix it in the mobile App.
Then i got a new Account on the Smartphone App with zero Eth.
I installed it again on the Chrome Browser with the same recovery seed phrase, and then it shows me the newest Account what i am having on my smartphone App…

I dont have access to my old Account anymore, because everytime i write after the installing the recovery seed phrase from both Accounts, it opens always the Account which is complete empty (the latest one which i installed on the Smartphone).

I only have the recovery seed phrase.
I dont know the private key from the old one.
How can i login to my old Account.
I dont find a way for this Problem.
Please help me, sorry for my bad english…

hi @Django11 ,

Welcome to the MetaMask community!

The original account you are wanting to access, do you have that secret recovery phrase? If so, that will restore everything.

Was the account you have funds in maybe the 2nd or 3rd (or more) account within the wallet?

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