Passphrase on HW wallet connection

I made a suggestion, but no response.Nobody cares about my proposal.
When the computer version of MM is connected to the hardware wallet, this prompt is too inconspicuous.
Tens of thousands of people lost their assets permanently because of this obscure reminder.
why you can’t learn from other wallets tip:
The passphrase cannot be retrieved, if you don’t know what a passphrase is, please leave nothing here.
And the prompt is displayed in red font.

Can you explain the steps to get to this screen? I’m unfamiliar with this


When you insert a trezor or ledger to connect to the MM and it is recognized by the MM, this pop-up window will appear.
Many rookies don’t even know what a passphrase is, and if they enter it randomly and don’t remember it, they will never be able to access that wallet in the future.


I answer questions on hardware wallet forums, and I often come across people who permanently lose their assets because they don’t know what they entered as a passphrase in the first place.


Does this screen show up when MetaMask is locked or unlocked? I have never seen this pop-up before personally.


This window will only appear when the hardware wallet is connected and successfully identified.


This is the sequence on my ledger. I’ve never seen that screen at all…

Screenshot (345)

Which then returns to the main wallet screen.

Looks pretty similar on the videos from Trezors support page as well. (Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki) though i dont own one, so im not as familiar with it. I’m a bit confused as well…


If your ledger has the hidden wallet function enabled, there will be a pop-up window for passphrase input.
Trezor’s hidden wallet function is enabled by default.


Ahhhh ok. Now I’m following. The "25th word. "
I didn’t realize Trezor has it enabled by default. You have to go out of your way to enable it on Ledger devices, so it’s more difficult to do without knowing what you’re actually doing.

I’m going to go chat with the teams about this now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Its my role to approach the ecosystem from the eyes of the user. This was clearly something I missed.


Mainly because I’ve answered enough of the same question. Trezor’s post about losing coins because of wrongly set passphrase has reached more than 10,000 floors :joy:


It’s normal for a person to not be able to cover everything.
I’ve only heard of ledger usage. The oldest version can only install apps for two coins at the same time. For me who is used to using trezor, this design concept is really weird.
trezor doesn’t need to worry about memory size at all. What coin you want to use can be activated directly on the application of the computer trezor suite. There is absolutely no talk of installing some kind of coin app on a hardware wallet.
And in our country, the balance loading speed of the legder wallet is very slow.

A friend of mine asked me what kind of hardware wallet to buy, and I recommended the trezor to him. But when buying, he listened to the store salesperson and bought the legder. He regret very much after using it and regret not taking my advice. :joy:


Update: I’ve reached out to the Trezor team to make it apparent how much of a pain point this has been for users. I’m not sure what their response will be, as yet. Hopefully they are able to make that messaging more clear.

Thank you for bringing more light to this issue. Sometimes its just a matter of putting the message in the right persons ear.


:smile: In fact, this is quite strange


Suffice to say, all my efforts to be a trusted user by answering other people’s questions on this forum. All to present this situation to you.
My computer is broken and it was only recently fixed.


Oof. Sorry to hear you were having computer issues. Its never just the one thing. Replace the power supply, and the mobo goes out. Fix the mobo and now its ram, ugh.


It’s just that the motherboard that has been used for many years is broken. Bought a new motherboard and installed it myself.

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