Peg-in BTC to RBTC: No RBTC in Metamask after 100 conf

I’ve tried to peg-in BTC to RBTC using the tutorial developers . rsk . co/rsk/rbtc/conversion/networks/mainnet/)
(except I’ve used Samourai wallet to send the bitcoin but I don’t think it’s relevant).

So, on MyCrypto, the contract generated an address, to which I’ve sent the 0.01 BTC: 39qrdxFmkP3bC7Qe74wE4VXemQzXzNHr1h.

Then I’ve imported into Metamask the private key of the address from which I’ve sent the BTC (address is bc1qf9e4xhsk9m37chpktp3686d39vvu3fl03q3evd).

But my Metamask account is still empty with 0 RBTC after 100 confirmations of the transaction (tx is here: blockchair . com/bitcoin/transaction/9afd98541ef2452551db3fb7fa998267d17a3e87bba3188ab3f838d8531f1349)

Thank you a lot!

I think it may be because I used a bitcoin SEGWIT address to send the BTC to the contract (that’s the default in Samourai) (the BTC address used starts with “bc1…”. Are my RTBC definitely lost?

I’m chatting with the rest of the support team about possible solutions. It’s likely they’re lost, but a solution might exist.

In general, Metamask only supports Ethereum and other EVM compatible chains. To send an asset from one chain to another, you’d need to use a bridge.

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Thanks for your answer. Yes, I didn’t know it was so important to use a legacy bitcoin address instead of a segwit address to send the bitcoin. And the RSK_utils (to convert BTC private key to RBTC private key) didn’t show any error when inputting a segwit address also. Bad idea!.. Anyway, please keep me inform about what the rest of the support team may find to solve this.

By default we don’t support native BTC or similar forks. So to interact with BTC, you’d typically send to a bridge and get WBTC on the receiving wallet. WBTC is the token pegged to BTC on the Ethereum network (other chains like BNB smart chain have a different one)

There’s a new feature called “Snaps” that extends support to other networks, but it’s an experimental feature that was just recently released. It’s aimed at developers, so is a bit above my skill level. I’m not sure if it can help in this case, but I’m chatting with people more familiar with its capabilities.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I’ve followed exactly the tutorial: developers . rsk . co/rsk/rbtc/conversion/networks/mainnet/, only I messed up with the part where a non-Segwit BTC address is asked (a legacy one) as the sender of the bitcoin.
I keep my finger crossed if someone of the team finds a solution…

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