Peg token problems

I just swapped some of my CVX and CRV tokens to BSC I’ve noticed that the balance has changed to Binance peg (Token Binance-Peg BSC-USD) .
after I tried so many times for adding this token to my wallet the token has been added but there is no balance showing on my account.
The problem is I can see my balance on BSCS-SCAN but there is no balance on my token page apparently, there is something wrong the

Hi @raymondweil119 , welcome to Metamask community!

On bscscan explorer open that transaction and locate for the contract address for that Binance oeg token on bscscan page.
Copy that contract address and then add a custom token on Binance Smart Chain network in your Metamask wallet. Paste the copied contract address while adding custom token. Here you may see the token name more than 8 symbol just edit it and reduce it to any short name then click add and token will be added. To send this token to exchange or any other wallet make sure you use Bep20 address or else you may loose it.


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