The eth I transferred to metamask did not come.

The eth I sent from Binance did not come to my account. I sent it via bsc 20 network, what should I do?
link Address 0x70b51afe0BF12e56D9258C868be264672624e563 | BscScan

Please see this post

I browsed your article, but I did these, but the result did not change . help me

The post shows you exactly what to do. What step are you stuck on?

I sent it from binance to my metamask wallet via bsc 20 network, but it did not come, although I added accounts to my account, it does not show

added accounts to your account? You need to add the BSC network, and then add the binance-peg eth as a custom token.

add the binance-peg eth as a custom token how do i do this

Follow the steps listed in the article to add a custom token.

You can also find steps here.