Personal Address Detected

Please help me! I tried to add my nft to MetaMask, so I went to open sea, went down to details and directed to etherscan to get my contract address. I copied it to my clipboard, and then pasted in into MetaMask. It keeps saying “Personal Address Detected.” Even though i copied it from the contract address. Please help!

Please provide the NFT contract address you need to add


This address is the wallet address, not the NFT contract address :sweat_smile:

What is the name of the NFT you need to add?
What is the name of the NFT you need to add? I can help you check the NFT contract address you need to add

The name is “Ghostly”

It looks like my pfp

But is that personal address yours or not?


It’s not mine. I don’t know whose it is, but I did everything the website told me to do, and that’s the address I got.

Have you scanned your computer for possible clippers ?

Clippers? And I’m using my phone right now, I don’t have access to my computer

When you copied the contract address to your clipboard, did you use your phone or computer , before it detected a personal address . Because that personal address is known for malicious phishing and there is a lot of comments on the address on the blockscan .

I used my phone, and I just copied it from etherscan, and I used the link in the “details” section of the nft

Okay , now you have to search carefully for the contract address of this nft . And not a personal address . If I could find the store on open sea , may be I could copy the contract address for you.

I can send you the link to my collection, and the one I’m trying to get is just called “Ghostly” it has a red background. I can’t put the link but it is opensea . com / collection / ghostlys but no spaces.

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I helped you find the NFT contract address you said. This is the NFT on polygon. Please add it on polygon chain

It’s on the polygon network. Did you add it to your polygon network?

How do I do that? I’m kind of new to this stuff sorry