Please Help meta to ronin slp sending

Is there someone here to help to find my slp amount? I’ve sent yesterday at 5:30am 7/13/2021. But until now there is no slp amount on my ronin account. I do have successful confirmation that my transfer is already sent. But till now I don’t see any amount on my ronin account.

Hi @private0011 please contact the platform creators and ask them to assist you with this situation.

A few notes:

  • Axieinfinity app uses a custom network ( Sidechain) - NOT ETHEREUM MAIN-NET.
    ( Ronin Ethereum Sidechain - Axie Infinity )

  • Using the Ronin wallet address for sending assets directly from Metamask while changing the “ronin:” prefix into.“0x” and vice versa will result in losing the assets.

  • The transfer of assets from Metamask to Ronin wallet and vice versa must be made with the Bridge app ( ).

  • If the assets were transferred directly from Metamask and not using the Bridge app, there is no way we can reverse the transaction as the nature of blockchain does not allow it.

  • If the assets have been bridge but are not reflected on Ronin’s wallet, you should address this to Ronin’s customer support as this is not a Metamask product.