Transfered tokens from Ronin directly to Metamask instead of Binance

I earned som SLP playing Axie Infinity and when I was going to receive my earnings Binance was having problems with Error 403 during most of the day, and I gave my Metamask address to be sent BNB equal to the value of the SLP I was supposed to receive but instead the SLP was sent directly to my Metamask as if it were being sent to Binance using ronin:0A43D586464f9d8Af25877d6c28259304815fdfe (This is my metamask address but with ronin: instead than 0x) the transaction was succesfull but I can’t see the SLP anywhere, does someone know what happened with it? If it can be sent back or if it’s lost?

Here you can see all the transaction information
explorer.roninchain. com/tx/0xb65e4eb21ada6bdb116fce1fdebe54c1bb6b0b8b31133024f17adbda31b9fe83?fbclid=IwAR32bzXFmD0yB6uB4IksjqES9b5iOUjFIse757WvvDblOMtqbeYRIZSyqEY

Hi Bro, same thing happened to me. have you fix your problem?

Not yet. But I think that I understand the problem now. Basically, the SLP never got out from ronin, it was just sent into another ronin account that has the same address from Metamask, you know? I don’t know if it has an owner or if it was created when the SLP was sent into it but it has no other movements or tokens or anything so, I don’t know. Hopefully I’ll get a reply from axie support to see if there’s any kind of solution.

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bro i got recover,!!! hahaha

do you have the seed phrase to your metamask? just input in the ronin wallet. then there you go!!! you have your slp

In what part from ronin did you put it?

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Lol, I got it. You’re my god damn angel, bro. With that SLP I’ll get in PVU

bro the problem i got, i cant transfer the slp in my account.
i dont know why, but i think we need to wait the swap option, or ronin dex