Slp to metamask wrong network

Ive sent slp from ronin wallet to metamask directly. And ive sent it to wrong network. I just copied the metamask address (BEP20) directly from my metamask and paste it to my ronin transfer details. It shows success transfer. Yet it doesnt reflect on my metamask wallet. Is it possible to recover my lost slp? Please help. Thank you

Ive search for some details in google and it says it should be on ERC network. Huhu. Please, is there a way to recover it!?

I accidentally sent my SLP from ronin wallet to metamask address, I should have send it to Binance, but mistakenly put metamask address even though I dont have slp token at my metamask. I can’t find now my SLP

Hi @mjr_444 try install Ronin Wallet into another browser.


Click :point_up: I already have a secret recovery phrase. Import wallet.
and use your MetaMask :fox_face: seed phrase…


Thankyouuu luigi I tried several methods base from net and figured this out before youve sent it. And i recovered it already… Still, Thankyouuu. It confirms that i do it right hehe. May this one help others too… Thankyou so much luigi for the quick response.


Good work :smile:


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