Preconfigured network for Polygon

I think that metamask preconfigure network for polygon is great move. It will be much helpful for the users.

Urgent Need a Bridge between Binance and Polygon network…using ethereum to move Polygon is too expensive

Agree. With the default network of polygon, we are more comvenient to have a better experience on ETH chain, while with low gas fee.

+1 Please add polygon (Matic)

add my vote! please!:grinning:

+1 start using Polygon/Matics chain, wich would be good for adoption towards both ETH and Metamask

+1, please add Polygon to preconfigured rpc.Love MATIC

+1 I would really appreciate it if you would please add Polygon to preconfigured rpc.

+1(0000) would definitely appreciate having polygon listed in there by default!

+1 Metamask add polygon and rrlease a proper mobile app

+1 特别赞的提案,方便新手小白参与进来。对老手也很友好,方便你我他。

+1 it will pave the way for L2 mass adoption

Voted. Polygon is really a amazing project deserved to be included on metamask default setting

+1. Really agree this is needed

+1, please add Polygon to preconfigured rpc. And add auto network switching if possible.

+1. Really agree this is needed

this would greatly improve the ux of matic users and the overall adoption of l2 solutions, +1

This is not no-brainer vote. Yeeees!

I agree, that Metamask should divide the connected networks to categories and open sub-panels for the user to choose, for example it is very annoying to see a list of ETH testnet servers in the panel.
There could be a panel:
ETH > Mainnet , Kovan, Ropsten…
Polygon > 1, 2, …
Fantom > 1, 2, …
BSC > 1, 2, …

Having predefined servers instead of having to custom add them all the time would help more the end user experience.

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