Problem regaining access to my Metamask account

I have my password to my MetaMask account.

The computer that had my working MetaMask browser extension crashed and could not be repaired. I got a new computer and unsuccessfully attempted to restore my MetaMask account.

Prior to the computer crash, I did successfully connect my MetaMask to a crypto tax prep service called Koinly. From the Koinly service, I can see the coins and transactions associated with my MetaMask account.

My problem is I cannot locate my 12 secret words.

Given I still have the MetaMask password and I still have access to the information that can be extracted from Koinly about my MetaMask account and MetaMask transactions, is there any way I can still recover account access to my MetaMask?


hi @imbanachek , contact the support team.

  • Visit :
  • Click the large blue “start a conversation” bubble in the upper middle of page, looks like this:

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


Please help me. It is urgent
I swapped my FTM token (fatom) to Kirby token. The transaction was successful, number of Kirby token appears on my wallet but they are saying the token value can not be recovered. I don’t know what to do

hey @evangonyeka .

they are saying the token value can not be recovered

What do you mean about this?
not sure if I understand it correctly, if your token doesn’t show a price, check out this article


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