Public mint wallet

A few days ago I sent my coins from my public mint wallet to my MetaMask wallet but it didn’t arrive and i didn’t find the transaction in etherscan
What should I do? Is there a solution? Note that I contacted public mint technical support, but to no avail?




Hi @hazem1989, welcome to MetaMask community!

Not entirely sure what you mean by public mint wallet. Are you referring to another wallet which you use for minting NFTs or is it like a project or a wallet named like that? Need more details.

If transaction was successful, you should see it on the block explorer for the network you did the transaction on. If it wasn’t and you’re absolutely sure it wasn’t after checking 100%, the issue may lie with how the transaction was done from the sending side.


Maybe :thinking: he mean this wallet :point_down:

It looks like it has its own Mint blockchain :smile:
and when he made a transaction :face_with_monocle: he must see it in the transaction history.

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Then the warning on the bottom of that pic says it all. First time i hear about this app/wallet and blockchain. Make sure you always dyor when interacting in web3 and with crypto.

Yeah :nerd_face: Do not try to send your tokens directly to Ethereum blockchain…

I see it for the first time too :smile:

Can add this network to MetaMask wallet:

He’s lucky :smile:

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