QR-code shaking when showing Binance Chain sign transaction

I am using cool wallet to deploy contract on BNB chain.
First, I paste my contract on remix.
Then, I click the injected Web3 on remix and click deploy.
Remix then redirect to MetaMask.
After I hit the confirm button, it shows the shaking QR-code and I can’t scan it.
No matter what I try, the QR-code keeps shaking.
My colleague have the same issue when deploy contract on BNB chain.
Please help, thanks a lot.

Hey @roy990427, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Can you clarify what you mean by shaking QR-code? For what purpose are you trying to scan a QR-code?

Thank you for reply.
I am trying to deploy a smart contract using my cool wallet, so I need to scan the qrcode on site to sign the deploy transaction.
For shaking I mean it constantly changing the view on the qrcode.
Sorry that I don’t have the permission to paste the mp4 or jpg file.

You should have permissions now, if you could share an image that would be very helpful!

Also, can you clarify what you mean by cool wallet?


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