Restoring additional wallets on new device


I created an account / wallet on my phone, and created a few new wallets on the account. I now want to use the wallets on my PC. I have entered my seed phrase and ‘Wallet 1’ has appeared, but no other wallets have appeared.

I assumed I needed to simply import the additional wallets created on my phone. In order to access the additional wallets’ private keys, I need the actual password I used on my account, but I’ve forgotten it. In order to reset the password, I will need to use my seed phrase.

If I were to reset my password, would the additional wallets disappear and no longer be accessed?


You don’t need to reset the password, just create new wallets, the wallets created with your seed phrase are always the same, so when you create new ones, the same ones from your phone should appear on the PC one.