Keep appearing new wallets when i recover with seed phrase

Well, i never created any extra wallet in my seed phrase. I should have just one account.
I recovered with seed phrase one week ago… and then i see two wallets, when it should be just one.
I recovered again, today, and i see three wallets.
This is very annoying, keep appearing new wallets when i never created any extra than the first one.
Anyone know why? or having same issue??
need help please.

any idea??? people?

same problem, i got 2 new accounts and my old one i cannot see and my eth is inside what is happening here ?

you can’t see the original one??? thats serious problem

so, this happen not only me, also some one else than me is facing same kind of problem. so i conclude this is not some kind of hacking joke. but really we need some expert who can explain this situation, because we noobies really get worries when this kind irregularity happens and get scared. So please :slight_smile:

ok… so restored again today with the seed…
and now… i have 2 wallets… i have all my assets on my main wallets so i am feeling safe someway, but hearing people with cases of disappearance of primera wallet of seed?? how i possible i only must have one… then i had 2… then 3… and now 2 again??? how this is possible?? even deleting a wallet is impossible…

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This is normal behavior. When you restore your MetaMask wallet, a new account/address is automatically created.

When restoring a wallet, you will also need to add any RPC networks and custom tokens. @kurva It’s possible that this is what is happening with your wallet. Check your public address on and if you see any suspicious activity, including your ETH being sent out of your wallet, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be glad to assist with investigating.

I tried everything and i cant add my or see my old wallet (i have the address) . Im inside my account using 12 seed phrase and i only see my new wallet address. How can i log in to my old wallet step by step can u just explain it simple??

and why on earth my old wallet disappear just like that and i have to do this now ? Is this kind of a way to make people loose their accounts ? What is the purpose after log in, your old wallet disappear?

I have the same issue , new wallet appeared but i cant see my old accounts !!!

Please what’s the solution here, this is not funny.

I cannot recover old wallet even with my see phrase.

Hi Kurva, did you find a way out? I also have the same challenge.