Recovery after recovery different wallet from mine

Hi I have a problem after using the reset phrase of a friend of mine who asked me for help to buy an NFT because he was unable
Once the purchase was made, I restored my personal wallet with my restore phrase but all the accounts I had disappeared, I tried to create a new account to make them reappear but nothing, it generates new addresses. Unfortunately I don’t have the private keys of the individual addresses, what can I do?

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The wallet is restored through the mnemonic, and the addresses of the wallets appear in a certain order.
For example, the initial address is A, click Add Account, address B appears, and then add, address C appears.
Is your first address the address 1 of your own wallet?

no, when i restored with my original seed phrase the first account have different address. i try to add new account like 20 time but they are everytime different address i’m looking for

This means that the 12 words you used are not the 12 words that generated your original address. Maybe from another wallet.

no the phrase its correct

The address is generated by the protocol of hd wallet.

You now use MM to recreate a new wallet, record the phrase and address, then reinstall MM, restore with phrase, and see if the address is the same.

You do this 10 times and then tell me how many times the recovered address is different from the recorded address.

Hi @DottorSentenza. Sorry to hear it happened. I was in the same situation. Could you tell what device (PC? Mobil?) do you use? Which OS (Windows ? MAC? Android?) and which browser (if applicable) Chrome, brave … ?

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Hi, try to install in other browser. If the problem continue then you need forensic software to recover the old seed files.

On pc( opera and chrome) and mobile (android)

It’s not completely clear what i need to do
So i need to create a total new wallet with new phrase, reinstall mm and restore this new wallet?

Hi @DottorSentenza . You didn’t not precise the operation systeme (OS). If it is Windows OS I started to prepear a guide based on my case, you can follow already the 3 first steps. I didn’t finish it yet, but is almost ready. But for now try to stay calm. I understand the feeling, it can be hard.

Find the lost account

:bangbang: ABSOLUTE PREREQUISITE: You need to use the device (laptop, desktop, …) you were using with the usual seed phrase while your Account 1 was the right one (with funds) :bangbang:

  • For Windows only.

  • Any Browser.

:no_entry: You need to stop downloading/installing anything on your hard drive and stop creating any large files such as personal videos/music ! :no_entry:

Step 1. Prepare your device and external drive with enough capacity

1.1. You need an external drive with enough capacity (no less than 500 Gb).


1.2. Go to System :arrow_right: Storage :arrow_right: Change where the new content is saved :arrow_right: Choose external drive for each option :arrow_right: Apply

:arrows_counterclockwise: :warning: :warning: :warning: Restart your device :warning: :warning: :warning:

If you remove that drive from your computer, Windows will default to storing files in the original location on your C: drive until you plug the external drive again. So keep it plugged in for now. :warning:

Visual: click :point_down:

For a better resolution and a pause option:

Step 2. Prepper your tools

2.1. Download and install your tools (on your external drive):

Recuva; Customize :arrow_right: More :arrow_right: Your External Drive

AstroGrep ; - Browse :arrow_right: Your External Drive

Atom (:no_entry: download only, do not install for now, as it can overwrite your deleted files because it’s installing direcly on drive C:)

MetaMask Vault Decryptor - – Right click :arrow_right: Save as :arrow_right: Your External Drive

Visual: click :point_down:

For a better resolution and the pause option:

Step 3. Recover/copy the files with vault data

(existing and deleted)

3.1. Run Recuva :arrow_right: Cancel :arrow_right: Options :arrow_right: Actions Tab :arrow_right: Choose all cases :heavy_check_mark: It’s a very important step. :warning: :warning: :warning:

3.2. Scan :arrow_right: Scan content with \"salt in all *.* files :arrow_right: Scan :warning: :warning:

:clock1130: It can take a few hours :clock1130:

3.3. Once finished, press the Recover button and choose the location on your External Drive. Then create a new folder, for example “Vault data found”


It was the most important part, saving the data. You can now take a break from here. :coffee:

Visual: :point_down: For a better resolution and the pause option:

Step 3

4. Search/decrypt the vault data

:four_leaf_clover:I’m carrently working on this last part. Will update when it is finished. :four_leaf_clover:


@MomOfTwins Nice :+1:


Thanks @Bobby, but it is not finished yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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Install MM on a new browser, create a new wallet, record the eth address and seed.
Then uninstall the MM, install it again, and restore it with the seed you just recorded to see if the address is the same as the eth address you recorded.
Repeat this 10 or 20 or 100 times. If the recovered address is different from the recorded once, it will prove your statement.

There is a little bit of credibility.

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Hi, I think my problem might be similar to the one being discussed. You will soon see i am very new to all this, a complete novice.
And i have stuffed up.

friend gave me some crypto. I opened a metamask account, there they were, all good. Next day I went to log in - different device. I used the seed as asked to in the set of apparently a new account with a new password. The original account is gone…I can see the transaction on
etherscan with the original account address but canot do anything with it. Or can I?
I got advice from a metamask chat person.
was told to keep creating accounts…how many and what am hoping will happen?
I dont know that I have the capacity to follow the instructions MomOfTwins is giving - but i am in awe.
I am close to 100% certain | got my seed phrase correct. It FEELS loike, with the account address and the transaction there on etherscan, i should be able to do something.

I need an answer on this forum, thankyou.

I didnt mention that the new accounts of course have different address codes…or I guess there would not be a problem.

Suppose you create a MM wallet address a (the default first address) and get a sequence A of 12 words, then as long as you use sequence A, no matter which open source HD wallet software is used for recovery, you will always get an eth wallet which address is a.
This is guaranteed at the code level, with no exceptions.

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