Retrieve an account lost

Hi guys,

I’ve send some jewel tokens on another derived account that I have on my metamask wallet by mistake.

The thing is that I only one account that I always login with different derived account into it. Why this derived account where I send the jewels tokens doesn’t appear anymore when I’m logged in my master metamask account?

thank in advance

Hey @Kameo, it may be that you just need to create account to access your other accounts.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:

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thank you nakedwinnie!


I had a missing account, 2 out of 3 showed up and I didn’t have the private keys to the missing one. I also had 2 other accounts that were not connected to the original wallet. You can retrieve the missing account without having to have the private key, that I didn’t have, by re-entering the original seed phrase a second time to get all of the original accounts back but you have to have the private keys of the other ones that were not connected to the original wallet seed phrase and enter those ones into the new wallet.

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