Retrieve Old Account

Greetings. I have an issue I need to resolve ASAP. Never had to do anything like this so never got to witness this thing. So my main account was hacked, and I am a NFT Artist. I asked my platform to transfer my NFTs to a new account and they told me to create a new wallet, click a link while I am logged in to my old wallet and paste my new wallet on that link. Bad news is that I pressed Lock Account on my old (main) account and when I try logging in to it with my seed phrase (using the “Import Account”) Metamask creates a new wallet. So it’s basically lost or??? I really need urgent help with this. Thanks. Basically I just want to log in to my old wallet.

Also, “Import Account” while I am logged in to the new one MetaMask created issues this error:

"Cannot convert string to buffer. toBuffer only supports 0x-prefixed hex strings and this string was given: "

Мне нужна помощь!
Создали учетную запись в метамаск. Записали пароль и секретную фразу. Случайно вышел из учетной записи. Войти в нее по паролю не получилось.
Пришлось создать новую. Как войти на старую учетную запись, так как туда перевели мне токены. Секретные фразы и пароль от старой учетной записи не срабатывают.