Same Wallet On 2 Chains

Hello Dear Community, I have Made some sort of an error when transfering funds into metamask, I mostly used matemask on the BSC and not so familiar with ethereum network so please don’t be harsh on me >.<
So the issue is like this, Somehow i have the same adress on 2 different chains bsc and eth, the wallet on the bsc is working fine, but it appears i have the same wallet adress on eth chain and i by mistake transferred ETH to the ETH Chain, now i can see that the eth arrived through Ethcar Scan, but at the wallet itself it shows 0 Balance, i have tried using binance bridge the eth actually shows there,but but when i’m trying to make the transaction, no pop up window apears and i’m stuck over there.
Will apreciate any tips or maybe point me to a guide which can help me.