Secret passphrase recovered wrong wallet

Help me please.

I recently recovered my MM wallet using the correct pass phrase and the wallet recovered was incorrect (wrong address) and my coins/tokens were missing.

I can see my intact wallet from Etherscaner, but I can’t retrieve it?

I’ve read the community advice on the following:

1 - incorrect pass phrase (N/A)
2- secondary accounts (N/A)
3- did not create the account in a 3rd party platform (N/A)

Really need to secure access to the correct wallet, any suggestions?

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Hi friend! @Seanflash
Let me summarize what you’ve said to make sure I understand your situation correctly. So you used your seed phrase to recover your wallet but some of the addresses are missing.

What exactly do you mean when you say “N/A”?


The (N/A) = Not Applicable.

My wallet had a single account only. However the wallet recovered was not the right one.

I’ve only ever used one account.

Hi there, are there any suggestions? Appreciate the help.

Hi there @Seanflash
I would double-check all the 12 words from the Secret Recovery Phrase on this website and see if they are all correctly written down: github. com / bitcoin/ bips/ blob/ master/bip-0039/english.txt
(just remove the spaces I added so I can post the link).


Just a query, is it possible for a new account to be created from a pre-existing seed phrase.

I’m guessing the seed phrase was genuine otherwise why would any account have recovered?

Also is this secure, in light of the fact you should never share your seed phrase?

Correct, you should never share your seed phrase with anyone.

Please reach out to the team and explain your issue.
Head to the the ‘Start a Conversation’ button on the homepage of this site. It may take a moment or two to load. You’ll be guided through a few questions to see whether we can solve your problem straight away, and, if not, you’ll be able to chat with a member of our team.


I was definitely NOT suggesting that you should share your seed phrase online. If you check the website I posted it has a list of English words that are used for creating Secret Recovery Phrases. My suggestion was for you to take each word from the seed phrase (one by one) and double check its spelling. Also you do not need to copy paste the seed phrase there, or any of the words… just check if you wrote them down correctly.


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