Seed phrase does not restore the right account

What I understood about this, if it’s possible try to connect on your old computer and see if your account 2 appears there. If so, make sure to write down the account 2 private key.

I did not. Always had MetaMask app and chrome extension only. Same browser same computer. How did you solve your problem?

No offense meant but pretty much useless comment from a mod don’t you think? There’s plenty of people as you can see with this issue. Fix your issues and give us some real support or if there is such a thing as your 10 eth bounty explain in steps and fairness how we can claim that. Everyone can say 10 eth bounty but if the procedure is impossible it’s nothing but a useless comment and service.

Sorry to hear that. It’s definitely an issue that’s on the side of MetaMask. How is it possible that we use a seed phrase and get restored a different account address? Pretty much restoring an empty default account lol… useless seed phrase. There’s no such thing on Trust wallet. If they won’t solve this issue or offer support and restore people’s account they will lose a lot of clients. Hope admin gets you the support, so far it’s hopeless for everyone on here with this issue.

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My old computer is out. That’s why I had to restore my metamask. Unable to retrieve the key for the 2nd account. Is there still a way to recover this 2nd account?

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Exactly the same issue that I have and MetaMask is blaming us for their issue… unbelievable. Up till now there’s no answer or support from any admins. I’ve send multiple emails and opened a topic on here. If they continue like this they will lose a lot of their users.


Hi Mana,

Have you gotten any resolution for this issue as I am experiencing the same problem? New update on phone caused password lock out - restored wallet with original seed phrase and ending up with a completely different address with 0 funds or transaction history…



Unfortunately no solution and no assistance from the MetaMask support. I’ve send a lot of emails but no assist or solution provided to solve the issue.

Still awaiting to see if the admins will solve this issue.


Hello–this is a common issue that comes up on the forums, and I want to point you all to a few resources. First of all, we have a fairly extensive discussion on Secret Recovery Phrases (seed phrases) here. Second, we have a dedicated Knowledge Base article specifically on this topic.

Lastly, I want to point you to a forum discussion on this topic which should serve as the definitive response in this regard: Restored Metamask No coins are showing - #107 by jacob.cantele

Good morning, I need help, when I recover my account with the 12 words (my seed phrase code), it enters me correctly but my coins are not there !!! I need help, urgently

Unfortunately this is not a solution. Your resources are saying that it should restores all the accounts in the right order but I only got a empty account restored. Listen to how many people are having this issue. This is definitely a bug in MetaMask wallet. We have saved the secret words carefully hoping it’s the key to restore everything but the only thing it does is reset the password but lose all the accounts and funds. Pointless… also after your update this all started I couldn’t login to my account not with face id and not with my password that I had never changed before.


After emailing support saying that I have not yet deleted the wallet from my phone (as I was still trying to guess my password), explaining that I have the seed phrase and that I have tried restoring on a chrome extension (which failed to give me the right address “0 balance”) and that I was concerned about deleting it on the app. I got a reply from support:

" Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to MetaMask support and sorry to hear about the issue.

When you restored your 12-word secret recovery keys to another computer or browser it will not show you all the accounts and custom tokens, by default it will only restore Account 1. Please check out this article for more details: My Seed Phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase restored the wrong account

You will also need to add your custom tokens, here is the guide: How to view/see your tokens (custom tokens) in MetaMask

Feel free to let me know if you need further assistance."

Now that I ran out of options, I went ahead and deleted it on the phone only to restore another blank new address… what was the point of the seed phrase?

what if why take legal actions against metamask? they stolen our money


It looks like the seed phrase is nothing but a key to reset the password only.

Nope still nothing. Anyone else maybe?

no reply from my follow up email

nao recebi nem um retorno tambem, fiz a restauração com a chave semente e trocaram o endereco da wallet, perdi tudo que tinha na outra, quero um retorno deles

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Ya casi 6 días con el mismo problema

Any custom tokens needs to be added again after the wallet restore

O problema é que trocaram o endereço da carteira!!!

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