Seed phrase usage for unstaking

Hi, I am staking with Injective Protocol but there is an error with the matamask + Ledger connection which means I cannot unstake from their website.

I have connected INJ via their telegram and they have referenced to this website (below) which asks for my metamask seed phrase to unstake.

However, I am sceptical to type in my seed phrase. Is this something you could advise on?


That website is a scam! NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone or any site for any reason.

What error are you receiving? Can you provide a screenshot?

That is correct.


If you are really in need of using that same Metamask account connected to your Ledger device, what you can do is to use another browser, install Metamask and import the same account using its Private Key.

Of course what this does, is to move the private keys from a cold wallet like your Ledger device to a hot wallet like Metamask.

Once you do this, ensure you have a copy your seed phrase or private keys.

The advise above is that, advise. Do carry out your own research to ensure it is viable for you.