Send token on eth network, it is constantly loading when I press the button

This is how the senso token is loaded in my conversion after logging into MetaMask

The page is constantly loading when I press send metamaske login senso token

please help me

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Hello @koraykrdg.

Try doing the steps written in the following Knowledge Base article:

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didn’t work, only senso token has this problem, other tokens don’t :((

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Try switching a few times between networks and try again. If it keeps doing it, remove the token from the list on the network on which you have it and re-add it, and try again. If that still persists, try removing the entire network on which you have the token and re-add the network.

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I did all the things you said, it didn’t happen again and again, I don’t know what to do :((

Thanks for the help

Hey @koraykrdg ,

Try filing a support ticket. Go to and click the large blue ‘start a conversation’ bubble towards the upper mid-right of page. This will initially connect you with a bot but answer the questions and it will get you connected with someone.

Reminder, never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone, including support!


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