Sending Kava from MetaMask 0x

Hi. I have a simple question:
what can I do to send Kava (Kava evm) from MetaMask to another wallet? Exchanges don’t have 0x addresses to receive, and I can’t send to a “kava” starting address, so, what can I do?

hi @BitLion , welcome to MetaMask community.

I don’t know Kava, not sure if the following approach is possible.

  1. I searched for Kava on coingecko and found its official website.
  2. Click on the ecosystem link on the Kava official website, and I found the bridge: Celer
  3. Click on the link of Celer, and I see the option of Kava Evm Co-Chain. Maybe you can use this bridge to transfer your funds to other chains.

Since you are not familiar with Kava’s bridge, you should:

  1. Check whether the exchange you use and celer support the same chain, so that you can transfer funds.
  2. Be sure to try with a smaller amount first, if the transfer fails, the amount of loss will be smaller.

Thanks for your reply…
finally I swap Kava for USDT and go out by a bridge, although it was not what I wanted to do.

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