Sent ETH from Matic to Exodus on my laptop by using transfer between accounts

Hiya Guys

I’ve made a bit of an error and tried to send 0.1 ETH from my Metamask account Matic Network to My ETH Exodus wallet on my laptop. I used transfer between accounts for this.

It did go but of course it did not arrive. Well I can’t see it anyway.

My Exodus is linked to Metamask but when I open Matic I think I need to add a Token to see the ETH right?

Any ideas please…


Hi @15Degrees you did this? :point_down:

You must find the contract address (your ETH token) on the site
and add contact address to the MetaMask :fox_face: wallet.

Hmm is there a variant because when I try to add that it tells me it’s already added>?

I have had 0.7 ETH popup in MetaMask/Exodus/Smart Chain

Send me a transaction hash :upside_down_face: and what address are you adding?

Hiya Luigi

Do you mean this?


@15Degrees YES :slightly_smiling_face: ok try open this :point_down: page and click :point_right: Add Token to Web3 Wallet


Went to that page and added it but forgot I was still on metaMask account.

Switched accounts to Exodus in Metamask and went back and clicked add and it added WETH


Et Vloila I can now see 0.1 WETH in there. So thats damned cool and thanks a bunch.

How do I get that WETH into Exo?

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I Don’t Know (I am not using this network) :smiley: you probably need
use Polygon Bridge + some MATIC token for paying transaction fee.