Sent SFUND ERC20 to BEP20

Hey guys, I’ve sent today SFUND from MetaMask (ERC20) to Bybit (BEP20) any chance to get them back? Thank you all.

Hi @Msclemike, Welcome to the MetaMask community,

The transactions sent on blockchain are final and they can not be reversed. You had better contact Bybit support in this regard. Make sure that the support is legit and NEVER share your wallet secret recovery phrase and private keys with anyone under any condition and NEVER enter them on any sites.


Bybit said they couod not recover the funds and they will try to send the funds back on MetaMask for a fee and that it will take between 5-10days to do it… I already said "goodbye " to the funds from my perspective… :sleepy:

If the fee amount is less than the value of your tokens, that will worth asking them send it to your MetaMask address.


The amount is 3.5k i don’t know how much the fees can be but i just hope they can manage to send the funds back…i don’t know if technically is possible…

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The fee should be several times less than this amount. You can ask about this from the Bybit Support. I believe that it is worth paying the fee to get your funds back.

BNB network is an Ethereum compatible chain. They should be able to help you.
Good Luck!


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