Sent SHIB from Kucoin using KCC network, need help retrieving it

i sent around 8 million SHIB and 30 ENJ to my MetaMask wallet from Kucoin, due to me being new i sent using the KCC network. it doesnt show up in my wallet and i need help retrieving it

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Hi @BusseHardt read: How to Add KCC Network to Metamask :point_down:

Network Name: KCC-MAINNET
Chain ID: 321
Currency Symbol: KCS
Block Explorer URL:

Copy KCC-Peg SHIBA INU (TOKEN) Contract address:

Click Import tokens and Add Custom Token

KCC-Peg Enjin Coin (TOKEN) :point_down:

this worked. i love you, thanks

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One more thing, im planning to sell some of these coins for fiat on a different exchange, but since these are pegged to the kcc network i cant transfer them there. how do i turn them back into erc-20 tokens? i tried using the kcc bridge which allows me to do this for a fee, but when i try to confirm it wont allow me. is this because i do not have any kcs tokens? any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks

YES @BusseHardt you need KCS token :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: a small amount

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currently my IRL bank account is at a -6 :joy: so i cant buy any kcs out of pocket. is there a way to work around this using what i currently have being KCC-peg SHIB and KCC-peg ENJ?

That’s nothing :rofl: Luigi don’t have a bank account hehe

Open your profile enter your ETH address in About me for a moment. I’ll send you some KCS.

With 0.001 KCS, you can do 10 basic transactions on KuCoin Community Chain network!

Done. Thanks Sugar Daddy​:100::joy:

hehe :grin: KCS faucet

Jack Sparrow

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That helped me too, but I also am not sure how I can move my Shib now from metamask kcc to somewhere else (or sell if/when I decide to) Can I somehow move from my kccmainnet on metamask to my Ethereum mainnet on metamask?

Hi @wolfmaster exist KCC Bridge page :point_down:

but the price for the transfer is too expensive :grin: 5 KCS (cca 93 USD now)

It is better to send SHIB back to KuCoin :slightly_smiling_face: to your KCC address :point_down:


For fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::point_down: swap sites with support Kucoin Community Chain (KCC)
KuSwap - The Kucoin Community Chain Swap and MojitoSwap

be careful!

Still very new… and stupid I guess…cost $93 to swap from kcc to ethereum on metamask? Are you saying when I want to sell go back to kucoin to sell? Still not sure what i would need to do… bought crypto on coinbase then exchanged on kucoin to get shib, then wanted to move to metamask wallet for safety. so would i reverse process? trade shib on kucoin for something else then move back to coinbase if i wanted to cash out? (not planning on cashing out soon, but for future) Sorry if my questions are stupid.

@wolfmaster you have a lot of questions :grin: simple KCC Bridge swap
from Kucoin Community Chain (KCC) to Ethereum Mainnet is too expensive :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

HODL Shiba Inu tokens :rofl: not SELL



When you sell in the future :point_up_2: buy for example Litecoin (LTC) and send LTC
to Coinbase (transaction fee 0.001 LTC is 0.20$ today) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you save money.

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ok thanks. As I said, not planning on selling yet. Just want to know for future.

Same issue here. Got USDT and ETH stuck on KCC Metamask. Had no idea what I was doing back then. Any help on retrieving them back?