Server problem or have I been phished?

Hi there, if you could let me know either way that’d be great.
So this is my address –
(removed for security reason)
I’m not so sure what happened.
Installed binance smart chain – think I may have put my seed in there (not so sure)… but the asset appeared then my funds disppeared?
If you could help that’d be amazing~!

So I’ve been on a telegram (warning bells) forum for help and this is the advice.:

Zyroxa Simon, [02.04.21 18:53]
Get your wallet connected through walletconnect API interface to connect to MetaMask and interact with all erc20 and dapp networks

Zyroxa Simon, [02.04.21 18:53]
Navigate through the WalletConnect interface then import your wallet to connect dapps and access your funds and manage your assets

I just want to check if this is the correct thing to do…

Paul who is Zyroxa Simon?

You use telegram? :point_right: telegram metamask group is scam

Hi there,

As @Luigi said, we do not provide support via Telegram. The link you provided is a scam. You can find a list of our official support platforms here.

NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason.

For your privacy & security I’ve created a support ticket for you so we can assist you with investigating further. Thank you for your patience.

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