Shows the Number of WSM coins I but won’t load the amount

I purchased WSM coins presale. MetaMask shows I’ve imported the coins, but doesn’t’ Load the dollar amount.

Do I need long for the dollar amount to load since accepted the WSM coins at 2 am this morning?

How many days?

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Hi @Dg316, welcome to the MetaMask community,

The steps given in the following article may help you. Please let us know in case you need further assistance.


Hello, I am having a similar problem with WSM’s. I tried to claim my tokens from them & I used Wallet Connect to connect to my MetaMask Wallet. What showed up was just the normal page when you open your wallet. I tried adding a custom token for WSM, and the button would not light up for me to push. I am already worried about this particular presale. I read recently to use Trust Wallet if you are using your IPhone but I used MM at the beginning. This is first time I’ve invested with a presale token. Can you help or tell me how to get my tokens? 1,097 coins bought in presale.

Hi @SmartLady, welcome to the MetaMask community,

First check your account on the block explorer to make sure that you have successfully claimed the tokens. If the block explorer shows that the WSM token are in your wallet, then please follow the steps given in the article I shared above.

Please share the token contract address and the network on which your are importing the token and I will check it.

Reminder: NEVER share your wallet Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Keys with anyone. NEVER enter them on any site.


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