Reset wallet... no coins there any hope?

I must have clicked on a bad “metmask update” extension and all of a sudden it wouldn’t accept my password. I reset the wallet and it loaded the wallet but there’s no coins on it? I just about had heart attack as I’ hurting and I had a lot of cheap coins on it. Does it ever take overnight to load the coins or do they all have to show up right away? I have the right seed phrase… can the coins be taken if I didn’t give away the seed phrase? I would never do that! Some people say that’s lot of people misspell the seed phrase so I did it again and the coins are not showing. Is there any hope in this situation? thank you

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This same this has happened to me today. I will keep you updated on if I find any answers that work everything I’ve tried so far has not.

The recovered account gave me a different wallet address and no coins showing.

I don’t remember… it was last night and I wanted to buy a coin on dextools and I clicked on a Metamask “update” thinking it was the next version of the software I believe. I sure hope there is a fix to this, I had hundreds of little coins my only life savings and my dad is dying so if you know please please let me know the fix!

I have been trying all day with no success. I will let you know when I find something! Please let me know to if you find a fixz

I will let you know if I find anything I promise. I am praying. I am totally devastated about this. utu be diamond paradigm as the seal of god if you are interested it’s my channel

I have been trying all day. I am devastated
. I hope it’s a software issue. God bless you

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Do you have the original Wallet actress ? Your tokens should be there now

I just deleted the old wallet? why wouldn’t it be in the new wallet address I created? the coins are not supposed to be lost. I dont think I can recover it.

Do you have the old wallet deed phrase or keys ?

Yes I have the original wallet seed phrase that I used to create the new wallet but the coins are not showing on it? do you know something I don’t? do you work for metamask or have you had this issue yourself?

Yes. You will have to restore your wallet using the MetaMask interface.

I did this. It accepted the seed phrase after I deleted the old wallet and it gave me new wallet wth new address but no coins. Is the interface something different than the metamask wallet? I use dextools in the browser only. I may have to go to bed but please tell me anything you can before you can leave because I am very desperate to get these coins back. God bless you for caring dominic. I will share with the others for sure, my friend.

do I use the . instead of the * both times? i can’t get it to come up right now? If it works, can I still use the mask just like before, not just see the coins, I can trade them?

is that a space before the “online” o or no space?

why are you telling me this 10 mins?

is he trying to steal my seed phrase?

do you know how to fix this 10mins?

@ROGERTHAT because Dominic5 is scammer

lucky there is a guy on facebook and u tube named cryptodad he will take questions for 5 dollars if I had the money I would pay him 50 bucks for a hour of his time but I don’t have it. I am just broke right now and in pain. If you have income it would probably worth it

I recently chagned to BigSur and I am wondering if luck did the same thing for macOS and this is the problem?