Someone stole my 51M shiba token

Someone hacked my account on metamask and unstake my 51m of shiba from shibaswap and send it to another wallet without me knowing!! I need help

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I think I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. My staked shib appeared on shibaswap and when I came back to it, it was gone. I can see the wallet it went to but not sure what else to do

Yeah that what happened to me too. He used my eth as fees and took the rest.

same here. i use binance bridge to transfer bsc to ethmainet. afterwards i did not reflect on my metamask. upon checking on etherscan. i saw a transaction that i receive the token then they transfer it to another address without knowing.

Same except in my case i has no eth for fees so the POS literally sent $200 in eth to my wallet then from my wallet was able to swap all my tokens for Weth to which that was sent to a random wallet of whom i believe would be the thief. I believe there is something going on with meta mask on there end such as a vulnerability/hack or Inside job, this is pretty much confirmed do to all the stories popping up of peoples crypto being sent out of there meta mask the wallets, with the only thing in common being the meta mask wallet. Sure a fee people where hacked physically through bad security protocols, but i find it hard to believe that this many people with the knowledge to even dabble with defi wallets, staking, Bridge swaps and so on all made the same mistake which is basically crypto commandment number 1, thou shall not store there private keys online or hand out to anyone whatsoever. Yet we are all still here. Metamask should have to own up for what was taken and reimburse its users but that will never happen unless someone makes enough noise to bring light to the situation. Im making it my personal agenda to file with all the proper channels and report the fraud metamask is behind. Wether directly or indirectly, it is meta mask whom is at fault and will do nothing but blame users for there loses. Reason why they will not last long in cryptos forseen future.