Stay away from Crypto it's a scam full of scammers and rip off artists

I am really dishearted and disapointed with this crypto stuff. I no longer trust Infura, Coinbase, MetaMask nor Ethereum.
Sorry the technology is cool but well it seems it’s not ready for prime time! Trust and Integrety seems to be lacking.
So many horror stories of people not able to withdrawn funds from MetaMask, losing funds, hacked accounts, and pending transactions destroying or holding their assets.
Coinbase quickly and easily took my money out of my bank account but would not let me use it for two weeks.
Overnight banking would be a good way for them to make money on my money. This is unethical to tie up funds without paying interest.
I can no longer transfer ETH out of my MetaMask wallet because of some pending transaction that will never go through.
Unethical and fraud! This current technology administered by Infura, Ethereum, MetaMask, Coinbase and all the wallets and exchanges is untrustworthy.
Sorry but sorry doesn’t fix it! A banker you can look at eyeball to eyeball if you have to. This stuff seems to reek of scams and rip offs.
The promise of blockchain is you don’t have to trust anyone and it turns out you have to trust Infura, Ethereum, MetaMask with poor customer service and unethical practices.
Bottom line, it is fraud and marketed as trustworthy. I’ll probably never see my Eth again and lose it forever as I can no longer move it out of MetaMask.
Don’t get me started on the miners and what a bunch of whooee that kind of structure presents, so they use electricty but so do malls, supermarkets and stores.
Imagine going to a grocery store and the cashier telling you, you have to pay them a fee to handle the transaction as I have to mine it for you.
You say no and they charge you a fee for the time it took to tell them no. Imagine a store charging you for returning a defective item.
Or worse yet providing nothing of value to you and charging you a fee for that and disabling your ability to use some of the money that belongs to you elsewhere.
A bad word travels like wildfire and will travel faster than any social media, only those enterprises that have good customer service and integrity are successful.
This industry is full of bad actors and/or bad faith actors pretending the technology is cool and is going to die and probably die quickly.
Stay away from Crypto it’s a scam full of scammers and rip off artists.
Those participating in this crypto industry will soon be branded as the scum of the earth.
They the crypto’s are trying to be like Microsoft, Apple and Google only it took time for people to figure out they like the aforementioned put profits above, people, technology and ethics.

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Hey @CodingCowboy, sorry to hear about all the frustrations.

To answer your issue with the pending transaction, you can either wait, speed up, or cancel the transaction. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

There are unfortunately a lot of scammers and bad actors in the crypto space, and there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to empower and educate users about safety and security. However, there are scammers in every space, scammers in e-mail, scammers in social media, scammers in videogames, etc…, it is not just native to crypto.

Hopefully that clarifies upon some things and helps provide a better understanding. If you need anything else in terms of questions/issues about MetaMask, the MetaMask community is here for you :slight_smile:

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