Swapping Safemoon to BNB with Pancakeswap fail

I am trying to swap some Facemoon to BNB with my wallet connected to Pancakeswap. Metamask is showing the window to confirm transaction, but the CONFIRM button is not clickable. Please help.

Did you ever get this figured out? I’m having the same problem.

Not yet, but I think this is because I dont have any BNB or Eth in my wallet. And it is not excepting Safemoon as a currency to pay gas fees.

What’s out he is a scammer…
He will send a link to connect your wallet but its hack tool.
He almost got me… But no luck!
He is no admin!

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Thank for reporting! We will ban him

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Thanks for the ban!
Can you help the out Maby with the same problem like me maby?
After input the right phrase on a new install metamask we get a new address.
Old wallet is gone also imported private keys wallets.

Sure thing Vr6!

See this fresh post from MM Learn:

If it’s helpful, give it a vote.

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Can you post your device details:
Mobile or PC
Operating system
Version of MetaMask
Version of operating system?

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Big thanks my friend for this update… I gonna try it out…
I used metamask on mobile android Samsung tel.
Also installed it on windows pc to try it out.
I think al the latest versions because I always update the apps.
I keep you updated from the new topic… :v::sunglasses::v: