Sync Native Custom Chain Price based on CMC?

Please Help.
I’m running my own custom blockchain. its already listed on coinmarketcap and chainlist. my question is, how to sync the native coin price following cmc price? what should i do?

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 03.00.32
Currently its showing random USD Value.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @dalt20 !
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What CLI did you use when creating the EVM network? Perhaps you need to connect to the CMC API?


Thanks for replay, i use Besu for creating private EVM network :slight_smile:

is there any steps to make a correct price following cmc/cg for native coin price mate?

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I think you need to contact support or the Besu community for a definitive answer :relieved:, their website says:

If you have any questions about Besu for private networks, contact us on the [link to discord channel]


lets say we connect bnb on MetaMask. its showing correct usd value. how to do that for custom chain


I got your problem.
I have never used this provider to create a private EVM chain.
You need to contact support there.


how’s usually MetaMask getting the native price for new chain? should we do a PR on github? :slight_smile: i just ask some question on framework provider, they said its on MetaMask side. >.<

@dalt20 MetaMask takes the actual price from the RPC node


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