TAC DAPPSTAR-Spender allowed-metamask router or scam?

Hi guys,

Just to check after one of my metamask adress have been hacked (seed phrase …), i have created a new metamask adress which is 0x0da83c2e2014c6f78077ebae0b2e3adae5d79b01, and checked today on TACC DAPPSTAR just to be curious. (tac dappstar io)

What worries me is that there is an allowed sender for 90 071 937.55 token (sender adress 0x881d40237659c251811cec9c364ef91dc08d300c)

I have check on etherscan and it seems that adress 0x881d40237659c251811cec9c364ef91dc08d300c is metamask swap router.

Am I right / is it normal or my adress has been scammed ? My funds are still there, i have never share seed phrase or go to weird website … The update date coincides with the date i have exchanged the token…

But why allowance is this weird number of 90 071 937.55 ? How is it put ?
Is this “allowance” created each time we buy token using metamask / uniswap for each bought token ?

Because for other token like shiba or USDT, this sender adress is not allowed, there is only uniswap router allowed in “unlimited”.

Thank you for you responses ! Have a nice day !

Below is the screenshot on TACC DAPPSTAR for my adress … :slight_smile: