Token Balance Displays in BSCScan But Not in MetaMask

I swapped some BNB for Octans on Pancakeswap, imported the Octans to my Metamask, but the balance still shows zero.

From BSCscan I can see that the transaction has credited to me but I’m unable to swap my Octans from Metamask due to the balance reading zero.

tx hash: 0x3da8b3125f52b2593c5199e69e4ef5d9c538078fc640cacc826310a5a76e9979

Any help with locating my funds is much appreciated.

Hi @SqglyCrt you probably bought a fake token :neutral_face:

Octans contract address is 0x86c3E4FfAcdB3AF628ef985a518cd6ee22A22b28

Your token contract address is 0xba5145b541274d9a86e4ec87577e4a40f6fe7c59

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Hi @Luigi, thanks for getting back so quick.

Yeah that was my thought too. I was curious as to how BSCscan shows the Octa transferring to my account but this never shows in metamask.

I tried to interact with the contract directly on BSCscan in the “write” section of the contract. Then transfer my funds to my metamask using the “transfer” function, but I don’t think this is how that actually works and I haven’t been able to find a tutorial on that particular function. Other contracts seem to have “withdraw” which this one doesn’t.

FAKE OCTA Telegram:

with fake contract address :point_up_2:

LEGIT OCTA Telegram: Telegram: Contact @OCTA_OCTANS :point_down:

OCTA - Official

Someone play dirty game :face_with_monocle:

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Yeah, fair enough. First time scammed. Lesson learned…hopefully