Token not showing in wallet

Hello, my ARG coin transaction was successfully delivered from Huobi to MetaMask. But I can’t find ARG coin in any network. I am unable to import the ARG token on any network because the contract is not accepted.
Tell me please how can I find my ARG coins in MetaMask.

Also, in transactions in MetaMask, this transaction is not displayed.

Hello. Make sure the token you sent from the exchange to MetaMask was sent to an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible network, such as Ethereum network itself, BNB Mainnet, Polygon, etc. You can find a list of compatible networks on Chainlist website for example. Double or triple check you are on the correct website for that.

You can also find the contract address for the respective network for that respective token (ARG, not sure which ARG token are you referring to) on CoinGecko or Coinmarketcap to add it to your MetaMask wallet from there if available on mentioned compatible networks.

Make sure you research how things work properly, before you send tokens somewhere.

In the case of the pic you shared, might be Ethereum network if i’m correct and you can also get the contract address from clicking on $ARG to see it on the page.


hi @user2007 , as Chinzilla said, the network you use to withdraw ARG is not the EVM supported by MetaMask, but the CRC20 network.
click Chiliz here (coingecko), and you can view all your token balances and transaction details in this explorer.

In addition, we can also search for a CRC on the chainlist website, I am not sure if it is the one above.


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