Transaction not appearing in MetaMask wallet

I made transaction from my Crypto App wallet to MM 577 CRO the Transaction
Success in Cronos but dosen’t appear in MM please Help.

MetaMask Ticket 656756


Hey @DerArzt, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please make sure that you have the Cronos network set up on our MetaMask wallet, and that you are on the correct wallet address.

Here is more information:


Yesterday appeared finally, after That i made Token, now CRO network not appear and the token not there, sorry to say this but MM is the worst APP.

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Would you be able to send a screenshot or transaction hash? That would provide more helpful information.

Please make sure you have correctly added Cronos as a custom network, there is more information on the article I linked above, along with on our Knowledge Base here:


@nakedwinnie This is very helpful, Thank you


my dear friend did solve your problem?


The problem is solved, that was good, but I think there are much problems in MM

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Hi, I sent $1473.00 USDT to my metamask wallet 3 months ago, it hasn’t arrived in my wallet yet I can see it on etherscan but MM doesn’t seem to have the expertise to finish the transaction, I have communicated with 5 different people at MM support but everything they suggest fails,even reinstalling from seed doesn’t work,now they just ignore me. Would love some help with this. Thanks.


Hi, I have exactly the same issue.

I sold an Nft through opensea however the fund didn’t arrive to my wallet Metamask.

This is the transaction address on etherscan 0x404e1cc4677583acaf3c31f949ed12a15b0ff1ccc9827c2b0bcaa0d89bffaae4

I think I got scam but not sure how.

If someone can help me would really appreciate



Responded to in previous post, please only post the same issue once :slight_smile:

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