Tokens disappeared

Hi everyone,

I have just traded some Eth for TikPepe (contract: 0x569AD5131B6709bB8E77746B19E2c7E3A9407006) via Uniswap. The coins showed up on my MetaMask wallet but then they just disappeared. My wallet address is 0xf118b4E6292A4971891BCc964e4BEEf6c327832c. Could you please inform me where my coins went? I ran honeypotis and the token does not seem to be honeypot. The transaction was completed and the coins did show up but they immediately vanished.


Hello @Trelopardos !
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The block explorer shows that the tokens are in your wallet:

But since this is a regular scam token, your balance can be reset at any time. Confirmation of this is the adjustment function that I found in the source code of the token smart contract:

Please check out the article:


Thank you so much! Is there any way to make my tokens show in MetaMask? Or is my money gone?


Unfortunately, nothing can be done, the creator pulled the rug.
There is no more liquidity. Take advantage of this experience.


I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to help me. Wish you the best mate

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Yes me too… I already bought USDT, it suddenly disappeared

Check if you have tokens in your wallet using the block explorer and check for any suspicious transactions.