Transaction Failed (SLP)

Transaction Hash:

Hello, gas has already been debited from me, but the transaction is not confirmed, I am shocked by your lack of responsibility, I read the forum and many have a similar problem, but you solve it this way, you do not consider and answer stupid questions and solutions, I think that in the system you have some kind of BUG and do not want to do this, if there are moderators please pass this message to the developers there is a big problem in your software, thanks!

before you answer that specify high throttle in manual, I will say that I have already done it Does not help!

I am writing to you by email but you are not answering!

I found how to solve this problem, you don’t just need to send the maximum number of SLPs, but this does not negate the fact that there is a bug in the software

mine says it was reverted but i cant find it neither in my ronin or metamask account, please help me thanks in advance sirs and madams