Transaction got stuck, cannot switch networks or open settings

A transaction got stuck while switching RPCs (same network, different RPC nodes, got rate limited). I can’t reject it or confirm it (see screenshot 2). To make matters worse the network selector in the top left is disabled and I cannot open settings from the 3 dots menu at the top right as it is also greyed out. Using advanced to set custom values for the gas price results in the same thing as clicking reject: the transaction remains unapproved with nothing printed in the logs. I’m out of idea on how to fix this other than completely removing and re-installing MetaMask.

Check your wallet address on polygonscan and see if you it stuck on it on the blockchain. If not you only need to clear your account activity.

Let me know if there are any pending transactions on the block explorer, as the solution for that is another.

No there are no pending transactions on polygonscan and I cannot use that link because the Settings button in the “three vertical dots in the top-right corner” is disabled.

How can it be locked? You should be able to access those 3 dots and settings.

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I don’t know, that is why I’m making a thread about it.

Can you share your browser and MetaMask version? This is a bug.

Also, do you have your Secret Recovery Phrase for the wallet stored securely?



Google Chrome
Version 117.0.5938.132

Do you have options to update them both? You should have for Chrome at least, and MetaMask update is at 10% release for Chrome users so far. Check and let me know if any of it helped.

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Very odd, updating the browser resulted in the transaction being rejectable. I had already tried restarting but perhaps Chrome did not fully exit. At least it’s working now, thanks.


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