Wallet is not working correctly after trying to clear a transaction

A transaction was stuck and pending for a while. I created a transaction with the same nonce to clear out this transaction. It turns out the original transaction went through right before I created the new transaction with the same nonce. Now I can’t make any transactions out of this Polygon wallet. I checked Polyscan and my wallet looks fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Here is my wallet address: 0xc7286E363DAFB2573c9CA55ec81Bfbc74Ecc8f18

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Hello @Stamos14 ! Welcome to MetaMask community )

Can you show what error MetaMask shows? There may be some errors in the console if you are using a browser extension.

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The only error I see is that I don’t have enough for gas fees but if you look at the polyscan, I have more than enough. Is there another place to check for errors?

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Try a reset:

Settings > Advanced > Reset Account


Thank you for the suggestion but it didn’t work.

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@Stamos14 ,

It doesn’t look like you should have any issues due to your transactions. Looks like there is a degraded performance of Polygon API, you can stay up to date with it here:

Wanted to also share, check out our latest announcement on personal information. If you’d like to edit your message and remove your wallet address, please feel free to do so.


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