Transaction is failed and my funds have gone. Plese help me. nonce too low error

Dear, MetaMask supporter and community.
Today i sent my funds from Arbitrum to Starknet using orbiter finance.
My transaction is failed and my funds have gone.
I wish to get back funds and cancel the transaction.
I tried to transaction again but it is not works.

[ethjs-query] while formatting outpus from RPC ‘{“value”::{“code”:-32603,“data”:{“code”:-32000,“message”:“nonce too low: address 0x955bc—, tx:142 state: 143”}}}’

Please help me!!
How can i fix the nonce…

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OMG I just clear all transaction in Arbitrum network.
The transaction works.
It was just an error in MetaMask nonce.


Hello @mtopia,

Do you mean that the issue got resolved by clearing the activity and nonce data? Please confirm.


Yes! Exactly. Thank you so much.

2023년 6월 18일 (일) 오전 12:59, Maryam1 via MetaMask <>님이 작성:


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