Transaction w/o amount, only fees

I cannot transfer my tokens through the BSC network. The amount is always equal to 0 and I am only charged with my fees.
Here is an example in screenshot (it is the same with other tokens ; I could buy and swap via pancake from BNB to token but the reverse is impossible)
I am therefore stuck and do not know if my account is really credited.
Notice that I can’t buy or swap BNB from MetaMask,
Finally, no transaction appears in the history when I select a token, although this same transaction appears in BSCScan.
Where are the tokens and how can I use them normally ?

Update : I refilled with 0,12 BNB but tried once. Same issue (the method is “unknown”, see pictures at the bottom)

Thanks a lot for your help

Hello @phildely :clap::tada:Welcome to the Metamask Community.
You have mentioned a couple of issues, I hope I’m able to capture them all.

  • transferring tokens on the network. Assuming you are sending from Address A to address B, please follow the guides on this article.

  • You’re correct, Metamask is only a wallet provider, therefore, it doesn’t have the capability to directly purchase BNB or swap that at the moment.

  • No transaction history appears for token. Metamask can only display the transaction history made locally from the Metamask you are running. Meaning not all transactions from the account will be displayed on Metamask. And yes you’re correct, block explorers will allow you to see all transactions on the account.

  • Regarding the issue with swapping tokens on BNB, we would definitely take a close look and confirm, would you help to open a support ticket with the transaction hash?

Thank you for support.

I have noticed that in cutting and pasting the amounts in PancakeSwap, the swap was made. It seems to be necessary to make this way the swap with amounts with too many numbers (decimals ?)

Philippe Slama

Same issue here. Any idea how to overcome this issue?? The swap preview only shows 0 BNB. Fees only.