Transactions cannot be increased with gas fees and cannot be canceled

I cross-chain ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum one because the gas fee is too low and has been pending. I want to increase the gas fee or cancel the transaction. But both operations only appear in the queue for a split second and disappear.
How do I increase the gas fee or cancel the transaction?

hi @ED.P ,welcome to MetaMask community.

read this article to see if it can help you.


Hello, I tried the way in the link, but it didn’t work. When I hit send, nothing changes. What else can I do?

Can you please reach out to MetaMask Support so they can dig deeper into this? Go to > choose Start a Conversation > answer few questions from the bot and you will be connected. If you can’t find the Start a Conversation button, please try the steps in this article:


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