Transfer OUT not done by me


I have Metamask installed on my Chrome browser and I can not find my Safemoon tokens anywhere (there were around 740.000.000 of them).

I have checked recent transactions and I found a 4 days old transaction. I can not share links or uploads photos, but you can find it on BSCSCAN dot COM website - /tx/0x60f64128fbc543eaa527c30641fa1c0fc471b3faea0d0f39861839c493bbc96f

Those transactions were not done or authorized by me. I am confused what is going on here? Was I just hacked?

same thing happened to me 3 hours ago.
utter ridiculous.
the address that stole my funds


It is a different address, but probably similar hack. This is what I read about the address that stole my Safemoon tokens:

“this guy is a scammer. he is placing his malicious code in piratebay (and others) keys and will empty your metamask wallets. do not install any key generator or any such program and do not hold lots of crypto on metamask!”