Trezor Metamask Account Not Confirming and Signing Transactions

Hello, need some urgent help. I’m not techy at all so this is even harder for me.

I transferred some of my LP tokens from Beefy Finance to my trezor linked metamask account and received it. My issue is that I can’t do any contract interactions with Beefy as simple as approving the contract.

There’s a pop up window but it closes right away and my transaction just gets stuck and eventually fails. I saw in other forums that others have this issue but have found no resolution.

Hoping for an easily understandable solution for this.

Thank you

Have you reached out to Beefy to see if they have a known issue with Trezor at all? Sometimes this happens.

Just to throw it out there, nobody will ever ask you to click links, share seed phrase, share log in, screen share - so be really careful and on high alert for scammers! Even if you think they’re from the support team of whoever you’re reaching out to - don’t do it! Real support would never need any of this information.

Sharing an article from MetaMask Knowledge base too about hardware wallets if it helps. You can search on Knowledge base to see if anything pops up -

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Hey - also, what browser are you using for MetaMask? I’d suggest Chrome or Firefox.

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